Calgary School’s Science Class Taught Kids That God, the “Greatest Scientist,” Organizes Sunrises and Sunsets January 1, 2015

Calgary School’s Science Class Taught Kids That God, the “Greatest Scientist,” Organizes Sunrises and Sunsets

It’s not surprising to see Creationism preached in a private Christian school. But when that school — Calgary’s Glenmore Christian Academy — receives quite a bit of funding from the public, you shouldn’t see a warped science class that’s summarized like this on a report card:

Our year began with an introduction to “What is Science?” and a focus on God, our Creator and the Greatest Scientist of all. As the year progresses, we are looking for evidence of God’s intelligence in creation. We noted an example of God’s organization in creation, as we followed the patterns of sunrises & sunsets and the phases of the moon. Our class verse is Romans 1:20.

By the way, that section of Romans is all about “God’s Wrath Against Sinful Humanity.” Because that’s what children need to be taught.

The report card summation stirred buzz when it was posted to Twitter over the weekend and Kent Hehr, Alberta Liberal education critic, said what was taught to the kids “Clearly is not part of the Alberta curriculum.”

“It’s expected that science and evolution and the like are taught in our classrooms,” he said. “It appears that this is adopting the theory of intelligent design that has been going around the United States and, in my view, this does not serve the public interest and the education minister should investigate what’s happening in this private school and put a stop to this type of practice.”

Sean McGuire points out, though, that the education minister is hardly an objective observer. It’s Gordon Dirks, the former pastor of an anti-gay church.

Hopefully, the public outcry will force some changes, though. Even though it’s a Christian school, it’s not allowed to run amok by teaching whatever Bible-based bullshit it wants:

… the province cautioned that “The establishment of alternative program, including faith-based, does not remove a school board’s obligation to ensure instruction is consistent with the Guide to Education and the Alberta programs of study.”

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