Michelle Duggar, Reality TV Star Who Has Actively Fought Against LGBT Rights, Has a Lesbian Sister December 31, 2014

Michelle Duggar, Reality TV Star Who Has Actively Fought Against LGBT Rights, Has a Lesbian Sister

It’s not exactly a closely-guarded secret, but Michelle Duggar, the 19 Kids and Counting mother who led the charge against a bill preventing LGBT discrimination in Fayetteville, Arkansas, has a sister who is (wait for it…) a lesbian.

Michelle Duggar (left) and Evelyn Ruark (via Duggar Family)

Radar Online has the story:

… RadarOnline.com can reveal that Michelle’s older sister Evelyn Ruark, 63, identifies as a lesbian.

Ruark has been in a long-term relationship with Ohio native Sharon Callahan, 52, and the two live together in Cincinnati, Sharon’s mother Dolores confirms to Radar.

In 2013, Josh Duggar (one of Michelle’s sons) alluded to an aunt who had “chosen” that lifestyle, but quickly added that even she believed marriage was limited to one man and one woman.

I’d prefer hearing those words from Ruark’s mouth instead of Josh’s before I believed it, but the lesson is clear: Whether it’s the Cheneys, Gingriches, Keyes, or any other family known for being vociferously against gay rights, they will inevitably have a relative who is a part of that community. (There’s gotta be a Law for that.)

In most cases, unfortunately, the gay relative has become an outcast, someone who is ignored in order for the more famous name to keep up appearances.

The Daily Mail points out that Ruark has appeared on the Duggars’ show once before, but there was no mention of her sexuality. And I doubt there will be any mention of her in the future.

(Image via Duggar Family Blog)

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