How Christians Reacted After Ex-Pastor Ryan Bell All But Confirmed He’s an Atheist December 29, 2014

How Christians Reacted After Ex-Pastor Ryan Bell All But Confirmed He’s an Atheist

Via Bo Gardiner, we see how upset some Christians were to learn that Ryan Bell‘s year-long “experiment” with atheism seems to have ended in the ex-shepherd’s conclusion that he does, indeed, no longer believe in God.

A commenter at the Christian Post fumed:

“This is nothing more than rebellion, and at the expense of many of the rest of us. What selfishness and irresponsibility, no matter what the personal struggle.

You need the Christian religion (and yes, Christianity is a religion, the true religion) to worship God, and God must be worshiped.

Those who have entered into a genuine relationship with Christ Jesus are the most loving people.”

As we see on this blog virtually every day.

Over at the right-wing website Free Republic, commenters also worked up a head of steam:

“How appropriate that Oprah Winfrey gave this guy a show on her wretched network.”

Hell’s bells, man — that’s Rob Bell, not Ryan.

“What a dirtbag. Sorry, without Christ your ‘good deeds’ are worth *****.”

“Calling evil good and good evil… where have we heard that before, I wonder?”

“I was wondering if he is dating a male or female.”

“Seems as though he is sewing the devils fruits to me.”

“Smells like someone is having a mid-life crisis.”

“He is not smart enough to be able to see the difference between religion and belief.”

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light….. Isaiah 5:20.”

“Being good without boundaries. The serpent couldn’t have said it any better.”

“No God, no concience… No God, no peace… Now come out of the closet faggot.”

I read through the entire thread and there’s not a kind or understanding comment anywhere in it. If I were Bell, I wouldn’t want anything to do with that kind of Christian love either.

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