Why Would Anyone Vandalize a Nativity Scene Like This? December 26, 2014

Why Would Anyone Vandalize a Nativity Scene Like This?

Sacred Hearts Roman Catholic Church in Massachusetts, like many other churches, has a Nativity scene on its property. They don’t get any taxpayer money to do it. They’re not asking for government support of it. They’re just doing their own thing and we ought to respect their ability to do that. Unfortunately, someone thought it would be funny to mess with the central figure in the scene:

A baby Jesus statue at a Haverhill church’s nativity scene was taken and replaced with a “freshly decapitated” pig’s head on Christmas morning, police said.

They have a replacement Jesus already, but let’s not mince words: this is despicable. There’s no evidence that an atheist did this, to be clear. Still, let me join the chorus of people condemning this act unequivocally. The church leaders did nothing wrong and they shouldn’t have to worry about anyone vandalizing their property like this.

The police said this could be considered a hate crime.

I’ve reached out to Father Delaney to see if there’s anything our community can do for the church, but the simplest gesture on our part would be to say publicly that we oppose this sort of destruction.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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