Right-Winger: Gay Kids Are Recruiting Vulnerable Christian Kids to LGBT Clubs and Ruining Their Lives December 26, 2014

Right-Winger: Gay Kids Are Recruiting Vulnerable Christian Kids to LGBT Clubs and Ruining Their Lives

You know how LGBT people try to *recruit* others to join them in spreading the gay agenda?

*crickets chirp*

Apparently, “gay clubs” in public schools do the same thing. And word on the street is they target Christian kids.

You remember infamous pastor/politician Gordon Klingenschmitt, who claims that LGBT people want to execute Christians and that Obamacare causes cancer. He recently welcomed Brian Camenker, of the anti-gay group MassResistance, onto his program “Pray In Jesus Name” to discuss how gay kids are ruining education as we know it.

Here’s their conversation, from a video collected by Right Wing Watch:

Klingenschmitt: Do you think there’s an effort to recruit the children of Christians or Catholics in Massachusetts using taxpayer-funded education? What are the teachers’ unions trying to teach in the classroom?

Camenker: Well, I have seen over the years, a movement of, in general, where you have kids who are very vulnerable, maybe having troubles at home, maybe having their own issues and the gay clubs will say ‘the reason that you’re not fitting in is because you’re really gay.’ And they will take them under their wing and they will persuade them to come out because ‘this is who you really are.’ And pretty soon these kids are getting involved in these really horrible behaviors, horrible things at these meetings. We’ve seen it up close and we’ve seen the anxiety that the parents go through when their kids are suddenly taken over by this. And, yes they love getting kids from Christian backgrounds. That seems to be something that they particularly enjoy to do.

It’s unclear what “horrible things” are happening at these meetings. Talking about acceptance and diversity? Discussing personal experiences of discrimination and bullying? Holding bake sales to buy rainbow-colored T-shirts? None of this sounds traumatizing for any student of any identity. I’m not sure what “horrible behaviors” Camenker has heard of, but it doesn’t sound like an accurate representation of what really happens in student clubs.

LGBT student clubs like gay-straight alliances are safe spaces for everybody, and persuading a person to do something they’re not comfortable with or be someone they’re not is the complete opposite of what these clubs seek to do. A GSA is the last place anybody would try to do any “recruiting.” If Christian kids happen to seek these clubs out because they’ve experienced anti-LGBT sentiment at home… well, go figure.

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