Bill Nye Didn’t Thoroughly Explain Evolution in a 90-Second Emoji-Filled Video, So Ken Ham Thinks Creationism Wins December 24, 2014

Bill Nye Didn’t Thoroughly Explain Evolution in a 90-Second Emoji-Filled Video, So Ken Ham Thinks Creationism Wins

Last week, I posted a 90-second video of Bill Nye briefly explaining evolution through emoji.

Creationist Ken Ham finally got around to watching it and is declaring victory because the video doesn’t really explain evolution as thoroughly as a textbook would. I mean, that silly Nye thinks mutations can be helpful!

As you continue to watch the video of Bill Nye telling an obvious fairy tale, you will hear him explain how “imperfections” are what enabled life to evolve more “complicated things!” Explain to your children that only slight imperfections in our genes (because of the effects of sin) can cause major problems! Think about some of the sad consequences of imperfections in human genes that result in disabilities, degenerative diseases, and so on. In other words, Bill Nye is claiming that life was built on a series of imperfections — this is nonsense! Imagine a child being told that the more mistakes they make in mathematics, the better their math scores will be!

Ham thinks mutations are synonymous with mistakes, which they’re not, but considering this short video (meant to simplify a very complicated topic) is already over Ham’s head, it seems futile to explain it in more detail to him.

But if you need any more evidence that Ham is unable to engage in the science, he uses a throwaway joke that Nye tosses in at the end — “We told a story the way you might do if you had too many Jell-O shots” — as proof that evolution only makes sense if you’re piss drunk:

In case you don’t know what a Jell-O shot is, it’s a way of consuming alcohol. Is Nye saying that if someone had too much alcohol, that evolution is the type of story they might tell?

Well, I agree he told a story, using the word story in the way many define it today: a fairy tale!

Christians have a very different view of origins, of course. But it’s not a “story.” It’s a true account of history. I teach children that the Bible is “the history book of the universe.”

We know you do, Ken.

And that’s why Saturday Night Live can use the phrase “Creation Museum” as a standalone punchline.

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