I Don’t Think These Atheists Understand the Whole “War on Christmas” Thing December 21, 2014

I Don’t Think These Atheists Understand the Whole “War on Christmas” Thing

The St. Paul Pioneer Press has a story about atheists during Christmas and it’s… surprisingly upbeat and positive!

Atheist soldiers in the War on Christmas pack food for the less fortunate (via Facebook)

In the trenches of the War on Christmas, the troops are ready for their assault.

Their weapons are green beans, apple pies and frozen turkeys.

“People have to do God’s work, because there is no God to do God’s work,” said Eric Jayne, president of the Minnesota Atheists, as his crew of nonbelievers packaged food in a food-shelf supply warehouse earlier this month.

Back in the yuletide combat zone, 10 atheists were hard at work at the Food Group warehouse in New Hope.

The crew assembled boxes and put them on conveyor belts. Down the production line, others filled them with turkey, chicken, green beans and apple pie.

How dare those atheists celebrate the birth of Christ by helping the less fortunate? Don’t they know the holiday is all about getting people to praise the right God?

One day they’ll learn.

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