Atheist Billboard and Tree of Knowledge To Go Up in Las Vegas December 17, 2014

Atheist Billboard and Tree of Knowledge To Go Up in Las Vegas

The newly-formed Las Vegas Coalition of Reason will soon put up a billboard (“Godless? So are we!”) to announce its formation. It already erected a Tree of Knowledge (with book-cover ornaments):

… this Tree of Knowledge has received the endorsement of famed Rio Las Vegas magician Teller, half of the Penn & Teller team. Teller writes: “This boffo tree has the balls to have books.”

“We want to make our presence in the community known,” said Ray Johnson, coordinator of Las Vegas CoR. “Non-theistic people are your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. We may not believe in a deity or the supernatural, but we are compassionate, ethical members of this community.

The billboard, which will be up for a month beginning next week, cost $6,500 and was funded by the United Coalition of Reason, a group that has now placed signs in 38 states in addition to the District of Columbia.

If anything, it beats the last time there was a billboard in Vegas declaring God to be a myth

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