After Her Son Survived a Car Accident, She Gave Credit Where It Was Due December 16, 2014

After Her Son Survived a Car Accident, She Gave Credit Where It Was Due

Writer Lynn Beisner‘s son got in a nasty car accident a few days ago. He’s thankfully okay — “not a scratch on him” — but Lynn did something unusual after her initial fears dissipated.

She wrote a thank you letter. To Honda.

It ended like this:

I want to extend my thanks to the engineers who used their intelligence and skill to create a car that safe, to the crash test dummies who have died a thousand horrible deaths and to your executives who did not scrimp on safety.

Thank you, Honda.

Some of her friends on Facebook wondered why she wasn’t thanking God and her explanation was straight-forward:

When we focus on supernatural deliverance from harm, we often ignore all of the human ways we can improve our own safety. I am concerned that we may associate survival of serious accidents with the unpredictable hand of Providence, not with airbags, safety testing and the regulations that have put them in place.

Fatal car accidents are not inevitable. We have the ability to prevent them and the amount of injury they cause. Accidents also are not an act of God. No matter what you believe about a divine creator, I think most would agree that an all-[powerful] and all-loving being would not need encouragement to do the right thing. Unlike people, God does not require regulations and oversight — or even thanks — to be sure that human beings are never sacrificed for profit. The truth is, we cannot make our roads and our cars safer if we ignore what makes them that way: science, regulations and corporations that prioritize safety.

It’s a very sensible response to what could have been very tragic. Honda saved her son’s life, not an invisible overseer. It’s nice to see someone remembering that for once.

(via Morning Heresy. Image via Shutterstock)

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