Christopher Hitchens, Three Years Gone, Rewrites the Ten Commandments December 15, 2014

Christopher Hitchens, Three Years Gone, Rewrites the Ten Commandments

The incomparable and irreplaceable Christopher Hitchens died on this day in 2011.

All his adult life, he was known for tearing things down (rousingly and riotously, I might add) — but here, in a video he made for Vanity Fair, Hitchens offers constructive criticism, reimagining the Ten Commandments as an actual moral document. Of course, that requires some sorely needed changes to God’s original. Hitch is equal to the task.

Unlike much of the original, this is a decalog I can certainly live with.

Did Hitchens miss anything? How would you amend the Ten Commandments? Bonus level of difficulty: Can you do it in a way that that would make Christians and agnostics agree?

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