Fundamentalist Christian Pastor: The Bible Says You Should Own a Weapon December 10, 2014

Fundamentalist Christian Pastor: The Bible Says You Should Own a Weapon

Pastor Steven Anderson, fresh off of saying that gay people should be killed in order to solve the AIDS crisis, is now trying to outdo himself by explaining how the Bible justifies carrying weapons of all sorts:

You have to appreciate any sermon that begins, “Now let me just show you some key scriptures on having a weapon, okay?”

… you need to at least have a good knife, or a machete, or a chainsaw… [laughs at his own joke]… a battle-axe… a ninja star… I mean, you need to have something!…

You know what actually is a very effective weapon? A baseball bat. Very cheap. Very easy to get

if you’re poor and you can’t afford a gun… go find a lead pipe somewhere, for crying out loud.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. While Anderson has said he’s against Christians take the law into their own hands, there’s a very short, straight line between his anti-gay rhetoric and his support of weapons.

My worry is that one of his parishioners is eventually going to connect the dots.

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