Christian Convert with Anti-Muslim History Runs Down Muslim Teen Outside Mosque December 8, 2014

Christian Convert with Anti-Muslim History Runs Down Muslim Teen Outside Mosque

Fifteen year old Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein was leaving the Somali Center of Kansas City to head home after prayers on Thursday evening when a SUV struck him. The Chevy Blazer severed Sheikh-Hussein’s legs before the driver fled the scene. The teen was transported to a local hospital, where he died not too long after from his injuries and blood loss.

But Sheikh-Hussein’s death was no accident, no panicked hit-and-run. The driver who swerved into him was Ahmed H. Aden (below), a former Muslim and convert to Christianity with a history of conflict with the Muslim/Somali community. Aden acknowledged that he deliberately swerved into the teen, but says that Sheikh-Hussein was not his intended victim.

Kansas City Star reports that Aden

… told police after his arrest that he had been searching for men who’d threatened him nine days earlier. And he said he planned to kill those men if he found them, according to court records.

Aden told police that he intentionally struck Abdisamad, but he had mistaken the teen for one of the men who had threatened him.

According to reports, Aden had previously antagonized members of the mosque.

Others in the community said they recognize the SUV as the one once covered in anti-Quaran graffiti, driven by a man who has since been banned from Somali markets and restaurants for his rant.

They showed KCTV5 a photo they took two months ago. The writing on the back window read, “Quran is a virus disease woreste [sic] than Ebola.”

Aden has been charged with “first-degree murder, armed criminal action, leaving the scene of an accident and unlawful use of a weapon.” The FBI is also looking into hate-crime charges.

Abdisamad Sheik-Hussein’s funeral was on Saturday, and Fox 4 KC reports that thousands of mourners attended. I hope the community’s strong show of support helps bring peace to the bereaved family during this terrible and tragic time.

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