God Leaves an Impression: Louisiana Man Wanders Through Nature, Finds Uncanny Sign From Above December 6, 2014

God Leaves an Impression: Louisiana Man Wanders Through Nature, Finds Uncanny Sign From Above

The Almighty rewarded a devout Louisiana surveyor with a glimpse of a heavenly creature, an encounter that gave the man goosebumps and a spot on the nightly news.

When Randy Marks went to work Wednesday morning, he never dreamed he would have a close encounter with what he calls “someone from above saying, ‘Hello.’” … What he saw was a fossil. Marks has found hundreds in his career, but this one was different.

“As I picked it up and I saw it, to me, it looked like an angel. Actually, a bald-headed angel.”

Heaven’s wig shop was evidently back-ordered when God took the angel’s imprint and placed it in a riverbed for Randy Marks to find.

Molded into a rock left here by the receding waters of the Amite is a small hollow spot. A face seems to smile back from a rough spot in the bowl. Ridges trailing from the face seem to outline a flowing gown and shot wings seem to encircle the face.

Marks admitted that sane people may look at his rock and see it for what it is: a strange fossil from a riverbed

No, sorry, transcription error — some people, not sane. My bad.

But in his heart, Marks likes to think it is something more.

I get that. Me, in my heart, I like to think that Angelina Jolie secretly fantasizes about me when she gets jiggy with Brad.

“I think it’s just something as simple as God letting us know he’s out there. He’s with us all the time. That’s what I think,” Marks stated.

And thinking is clearly what Randy Marks does best.

Other examples of Christian pareidolia here, here, here, and here.

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