Scott Lively: Homosexuality Is Like “Junk Food” That Will “Break Down” Your Body December 3, 2014

Scott Lively: Homosexuality Is Like “Junk Food” That Will “Break Down” Your Body

Scott Lively, the evangelical pastor known for helping ignite homophobic laws in Uganda and Russia, has come up with a colorful new metaphor for homosexuality.

(Photo by Tim Pierce)

In an appearance on Trunews on Monday, Lively described homosexuality as an “infection” that would ultimately destroy the “immune system” of society.

Right Wing Watch has the audio clips here:

It’s a process of rottenness that eventually takes over. I was comparing [homosexuality] to the immune system of the body. If you stop eating healthy foods and eat nothing but junk food, you can survive for a while. But after a while your body is going to break down.

Society has an immune system also and we can allow a certain amount of this infection without collapsing.

He also suggested that society’s relationship with homosexuality can be whittled into five stages, in this order: tolerance, acceptance, celebration, “forced participation,” and “punishment of all dissenters.” And we’re on a *slippery slope*, apparently.

Lively also referred to the U.S. as Mystery Babylon, spreading homosexuality to all the nations: “The sewer pipe of American perversion [that] has poured out across the world, and all the rest of the world joining in whoredom essentially because of the United States.” [Whoredom!] “Look at what President Obama has done in terms of the homosexual agenda, he has tasked the U.S. State Department to promote it across the entire world with a high level of priority,” Lively added.

The host, Rick Wiles, brilliantly added:

“Sexual perversion is America’s number one export right now.”

Aside from a few businesses being rightly disciplined for breaking the law — if you could count that as “punishment for dissent” — there are virtually no examples of anti-LGBT conservatives being harmed, punished, or even inconvenienced for their beliefs. I’m going to continue to enjoy my gayness with a side of pizza and Cheetos, Mr. Lively, but thanks for your concerns for my health!

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