Canadian Family Kept Dead Father’s Corpse in Bedroom for Six Months in Hopes God Would Resurrect Him December 2, 2014

Canadian Family Kept Dead Father’s Corpse in Bedroom for Six Months in Hopes God Would Resurrect Him

When 52-year-old Peter Wald‘s left foot began suffering from the effects of diabetes in 2013, he didn’t go to a hospital. He just prayed to get better. Turns out prayer doesn’t cure diabetes… and Wald died in March.

But his family held out hope that he would come back to life. So they kept his body in an upstairs bedroom in their house, waiting for him to resurrect. And no one knew about the rotting corpse until six months later

The family’s van (via Google Maps)

[Wife] Kaling [Wald] sealed in the door and the vents with duct tape to protect her family from the smell of the cadaver. And then for six months, life went on and they prayed for their dead husband and father in the bed upstairs as they awaited his return.

It was Sept. 17, 2013 when the body was finally discovered. The sheriff had arrived to evict the family from the… house after they had defaulted on the mortgage.

Yesterday, Kaling Wald pled guilty to not telling the police or coroner about the dead body, but her penalty — 18 months of probation and mandated counseling — amount to a slap on the wrist because there was no criminal intent. As she admits, she just didn’t know any better. She was putting her trust in God, after all:

As assistant crown attorney Janet Booy put it, the devout Christian woman’s faith had “tainted and warped her better judgment.”

Huh. Religion warping someone’s judgment. Never saw that one coming.

The biggest concern here is for Kaling’s kids. Are they in safe hands?

The Children’s Aid Society was called in too but they found no concerns for the well-being of the couple’s children and the case was closed.

I guess that’s that. Unless, of course, one of them gets sick…

And despite the court proceedings, Kaling clearly hasn’t learned anything:

she still believes strongly in resurrection, and says there have been many “documented” cases of it around the world. Her faith was not shaken by the legal consequences, she says.

Good luck, kids.

(Thanks to Ehren for the link)

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