Bollywood Star Slapped During Reality Show Taping by Man Who Said Her Dress Was Too Short for a Muslim Woman December 2, 2014

Bollywood Star Slapped During Reality Show Taping by Man Who Said Her Dress Was Too Short for a Muslim Woman

This past Sunday, Indian model, reality TV star, and actress Gauhar Khan (below) was taping the finale for the show Raw Star (a reality TV singing contest), when a member of the audience took umbrage with her outfit. It was, in his opinion, too revealing for a Muslim woman to wear.

The BBC reports that this moral champion subsequently spent some time harassing the star; and, when that didn’t produce the desired effect, he attacked her. After slapping Khan, the unnamed assailant was overpowered by security and arrested. The police quote him

… as telling Khan that “being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress“.

Somehow, this rationale for attacking another person failed to persuade the police, who have charged him with assault.

Khan is not the only Bollywood star recently to find herself the unfortunate target of the pious outrage of overzealous religious people. Just last week, Terry Firma wrote about the outrageous 26 year sentence handed down to Pakistani star Veena Malik by the country’s anti-terrorism courts — for the Orwellian crime of “malicious acts” of blasphemy, for “[a]ppearing in a pretend wedding scene, staged on a daytime show… based on the marriage of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter.”

Fortunately for Khan, at least, Mumbai police were not persuaded that religious belief or offended religious sensibilities were a valid excuse to inflict harm on another person. Hopefully Pakistan’s higher courts will agree in Malik’s case.

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