Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 31: Lucien Greaves, Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple December 1, 2014

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 31: Lucien Greaves, Spokesperson for The Satanic Temple

Our latest podcast guest is Lucien Greaves, spokesperson for The Satanic Temple:

You know his organization because they’ve been very active recently regarding church/state separation issues. In Oklahoma, where there was a Ten Commandments monument near the Capitol building, Greaves’ group requested putting up a statue of Baphomet… leading to all sorts of chaos. They’ve also tried to put up a Satanic display in the Florida Capitol building. And, my favorite, after a Florida school district allowed an outside group to do a Bible giveaway for students, they requested to distribute a Satanic coloring book… which may lead to an end to outside book distributions for good in that district.

We spoke with Lucien about how he doesn’t actually believe in Satan, what his group’s relationship is like with other Satanic groups, and why they conducted a Pink Mass over the grave of Fred Phelps‘ mother.

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