Humanist Service Corps Looking for People to Join Them on a Secular Mission Trip in Africa November 25, 2014

Humanist Service Corps Looking for People to Join Them on a Secular Mission Trip in Africa

Nearly a year ago, I announced the formation of the Pathfinders Project, a “yearlong international service trip with clean water, education, sustainability, and advocacy projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.” Director Conor Robinson was looking for four people to join him on the secular mission trip.

He found his team and they accomplished some incredible things in Uganda, Cambodia, Ghana, Haiti, Ecuador, Colombia, and Guatemala.

Now, Conor (below, center) wants to do it again. He’s looking for more people to join him in the Humanist Service Corps:

Beginning in the summer of 2015, the Humanist Service Corps will work with Songtaba and other Ghanaian human rights organizations to address the causes and the consequences of witchcraft accusations in the Northern Region. Humanist Service Corps volunteers will collaborate with local leaders in the design and implementation of 6-12 month clean water, housing, healthcare, poverty abatement, infrastructure-building, and community education projects that contribute to the short-term goal of improving the standard of living in the witch camps and the long-term goal of eliminating the dynamics which lead to death or forcible and violent exile of women from their communities.

HSC will cover volunteer travel, transportation, and housing costs. Additionally, HSC will provide a living stipend to all volunteers.

If you’re looking for a way to make the world a better place and you have the ability and willingness to travel abroad for a year, this is a great way to do it. You can learn more about the project here and apply online. The deadline is December 15,

I’m thrilled that Foundation Beyond Belief, an organization I work with, is once again playing a key role in supporting this project.

(Image via Wendy Webber)

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