Evangelical Leader Wants to Recruit 1,000 Pastors Into Politics Because There Aren’t Enough Christians in Office Yet November 24, 2014

Evangelical Leader Wants to Recruit 1,000 Pastors Into Politics Because There Aren’t Enough Christians in Office Yet

If David Lane, who founded the American Renewal Project, has his way, 1,000 Christian pastors will run for public office, each with 500 Christian volunteers… and then they’ll get to work getting rid of any civil rights progress we’ve made as a country:


There is nothing in the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that establishes homosexual “marriage,” yet judges claim to have recently discovered one after 235 years of jurisprudence! Being subjected to such behavior is our own fault. We elected the politicians, who in turn, put the judges on their benches and allow them to run the country too often like tyrants without invoking the “separation of powers” that our democratic republic demands if it is to function in promoting freedom.

Because giving people the chance to publicly commit to each other, with the benefits our government offers married couples, is a mark of tyranny.

And why is this necessary now?

For too many decades the Church has accepted the outlandish idea that it is not to be involved in politics.

Yes, the problem with our government is too few Christians. Maybe next, they’ll work on finally getting a white guy elected to public office.

This isn’t just a pipe dream, either. Lane is looking to gather the faithful prospects this January — and he’s bringing some friends:

[Lane] is asking for pastors called to run for public office to come to Louisiana Jan. 23-24 for a special meeting featuring, among others, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a devout Christian, and U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla. Lankford, a Southern Baptist, once ran the mammoth Falls Creek Camp for the Oklahoma Baptist Convention.

What was that again about too few Christians in politics…?

Lane is the sort of guy who thinks the GOP is too liberal. He wants the Bible to guide us instead of the Constitution. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he opposes Sharia Law because, you know, we wouldn’t want a theocracy now, would we?

I’m waiting for other Christian leaders to vocally oppose what Lane’s doing, but so far, there’s only silence.

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