Family of Five Killed, Now “Enjoying an Even Happier Place” than Disney World November 22, 2014

Family of Five Killed, Now “Enjoying an Even Happier Place” than Disney World

Two days ago, a family from Texas suffered a horrific tragedy when a long-planned trip to Disney World ended in a fatal car crash in Louisiana. Five members died — two parents and three of their children.

Said the mother’s stepbrother:

“En route, God had other plans as five members of our family are now enjoying an even happier place.”

The day I read the story, I came across another one, from Puerto Rico, that also involved the violent death of multiple members of a family. A 13-year-old boy’s father, mother, grandmother, and older brother were ruthlessly shot in the head during a home invasion. The 13-year-old, pleading for mercy, was stabbed in the neck and left for dead, but he survived.

Said a police spokesman:

“It was a miracle from God that he is alive.”

I’m rarely tongue-tied, but nothing that flows out of my keyboard today quite encapsulates the strange mix of sorrow, vexation, and exasperation that’s come over me after reading these articles.

Help me out?

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