Texas Board of Education Delays Vote to Approve Textbooks Full of Revisionist History November 20, 2014

Texas Board of Education Delays Vote to Approve Textbooks Full of Revisionist History

You may recall that the Texas State Board of Education was considering the adoption of revisionist history textbooks that might as well have been written by Christian pseudohistorian David Barton.

The Texas Freedom Network commissioned a review of the books and you can read their report right here:

Among the problems:

A number of government and world history textbooks exaggerate Judeo-Christian influence on the nation’s founding and Western political tradition.

Several world geography and history textbooks suffer from an incomplete — and often inaccurate — account of religions other than Christianity.

One world history textbook includes outdated — and possibly offensive — anthropological categories and racial terminology in describing African civilizations.

One government textbook (Pearson) includes a biased — verging on offensive — treatment of affirmative action.

Disturbing to say the least.

But in a surprising turn of events, on Tuesday, the Board of Education delayed approval of the new history textbooks in a preliminary vote.

According to Reuters, the board, comprised of 10 Republicans and 5 Democrats, has asked publishers to make changes critics have demanded. Still, the board wasn’t able to get preliminary approval of the books, setting them up for a high stakes final vote Friday, when the board will approve the books or else miss the deadline to get them to the state’s 1,000-plus school districts by September 2015.

In fact, the five Democrats voted against approval, five Republicans voted for approval, four more Republicans abstained from the vote, and one wasn’t there.

There’s still a chance the Republican members could change their minds by Friday when the final vote takes place. If they do, they’d only make life tougher for the students in the state, who won’t be getting the education that other high-schoolers around the country are receiving. And since Texas’ textbooks are often adopted by other states, the miseducation would spread far beyond those borders.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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