Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 29: Jeff Lewis, Illinois Christian Home Educators November 17, 2014

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 29: Jeff Lewis, Illinois Christian Home Educators

Our latest podcast guest is Jeff Lewis, a board member of the Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE), a group that promotes faith-based home-schooling and provides a variety of resources to Christian parents who want to do just that.

Why chat with him? Because we wanted to have a conversation with someone whose beliefs directly conflict with our own. Jeff, knowing where we stood on topics like Creationism, was still kind enough to say yes to our invitation.

By day, he’s an attorney who specializes in topics including estate planning and guardianship issues. He and his wife have five children, all of whom have been home-schooled.

We asked him on the show to give us insight into a world we know little about, not necessarily to debate him on various aspects of home-schooling. So you’ve been warned. There were parts of the conversation that will likely infuriate you and parts that turned a bit combative. There were also things Jeff said that we strongly disagreed with (and vice versa), but we made a conscious decision not to turn everything into a debate. You may disagree with that decision, but there you go. I still feel there’s value in listening and learning what his motivations and concerns are, instead of just having a debate about his beliefs.

Among other things, we spoke with Jeff about whether homeschooling should be regulated by the state, why public schools are a problem for some Christians, and what to do about kids who fall through the cracks.

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