Apparently, Evangelicals Think They’re Pro-Science and Welcoming to the LGBT Community November 17, 2014

Apparently, Evangelicals Think They’re Pro-Science and Welcoming to the LGBT Community

Warren Cole Smith write an article for the site Faith Street about the 10 things he wished everyone knew about evangelical Christians.

While most of it is pretty basic information, two items really stood out:

6. Evangelicals love LGBTQIA people.

We are not homophobes. We are homophiles. Our churches welcome LGBTQIA people with the same message we present to all others: “Come as you are… but leave transformed.”

That last line seems unintentionally perfect since the message to LGBT people coming out of many evangelical churches tends to be: “You need to change.”

It’s not “homophilic” to tell people they have no right to marriage; or that their sexuality is fine as long as they never ever ever act on it; or that, even if they can get legally married, the ceremony sure as hell ain’t happening in the church.

There’s a reason people don’t know that “evangelicals love LGBTQIA people.” It’s because they rarely show it.

Then there’s this other item on the list:

8. Evangelicals are pro-science.

Evangelicals have endured the slanderous label of “anti-science” in recent years because of our skepticism about politically correct theories regarding the origins of man and climate change. In these arenas and many more, evangelicals joyfully go where the science takes us. But when ideology hijacks science — that is, when the pursuit of a point of view outruns logic, history, data, and reason — we rightfully object, and so should all who love pure science.

How’s that for a contradiction? Evangelicals love science!… Except when it comes to those conspiracy theories made up by godless atheist liberals and overwhelmingly accepted by the clueless “experts.” Silly scientists…

If evangelicals are really pro-science, prove it. Let’s see some of these pastors announce their acceptance of evolution on a Sunday morning.

Let us know how that goes.

You have to wonder what was left off Smith’s list. Maybe in a follow-up, he’ll explain how “Evangelicals love women” and “Evangelicals support comprehensive sex education” and “Evangelicals support the separation of church and state.”

Here’s something I learned from Smith’s article, though: Evangelicals love lying to themselves.

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