Penn & Teller Urge You to Be Openly Secular, If You So Choose November 15, 2014

Penn & Teller Urge You to Be Openly Secular, If You So Choose

The Openly Secular campaign, which encourages non-religious people to say as much publicly, no matter what label they use, just got a nice boost from magicians Penn & Teller:

They (by which I mean Penn) spoke about how they’ve never shied away from their atheism, but they understand if you’d prefer to keep that to yourself:

You can keep it quiet. You can go to church. You can sneak around. It won’t do you any harm. Certainly you’re not going to be punished by the atheist God for not saying you’re atheist, not saying you’re a heathen, not saying you’re an apostate.

But, just wanna tell you, over the years, we’ve noticed — like a lot of things — it’s getting a lot better. We are really not punished very much for saying we’re atheist. As a matter of fact, we’ve done pretty well, and it seems like people are getting more accepting, at least in this country…

If you’re considering coming out, telling people you’re an atheist, we’d like to welcome you on board.

Great message, and you can see some of the other videos from celebrities right here.

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