Genitalia Drawings Replaced with Images of Baby Animals in This Turkish Biology Textbook November 13, 2014

Genitalia Drawings Replaced with Images of Baby Animals in This Turkish Biology Textbook

In the U.S., we have battles over proper sex education.

In Turkey, they’re having battles when it comes to teaching kids about their own body parts.

A psychology expert who once ran a local teachers’ union realized that a page in a sixth-grade biology textbook that used to show anatomy-book drawings of genitalia is no longer there:

In the new version of the book, genitalia have only been drawn on the cell level, while the reproduction chapter has been “evaded” with photos of a mother and a baby, as well as cute animals such as polar bears, he added.

Tunalı also claimed that the same section is now being taught “shortly, superficially and in a slapdash manner.”

This is all in a chapter titled, of all things, “Reproduction, Growth and Development in Living Beings.”

How they expect children to learn about reproduction by staring at a picture of a baby, I haven’t quite figured out.

And that’s not the only change:

A number of sexually explicit words, such as “breast” or “virginity”, have also been taken out.

Those are biological terms! They mean something! They’re not in the textbooks to titillate students!

These students will end up under-educated on these issues, leaving them to fend for themselves or find the information in other places. They’ll miss out on the opportunity of having a reliable teacher walk them through the information. And I doubt that typing “breast,” “virginity,” and “genitalia” into a search engine will be a helpful substitute…

(via Sean McGuire)

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