Doctor Who Says Cancer Patients Can “Heal Themselves” Through Diet and Attitude Exposed by CBC November 13, 2014

Doctor Who Says Cancer Patients Can “Heal Themselves” Through Diet and Attitude Exposed by CBC

Several months ago, I posted about Makayla Sault (below), an 11-year-old with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The disease is treatable with two years of tough chemotherapy and has a nearly 90% survival rate… but Makayla no longer wanted to continue the chemo and her Ojibwe/First Nations parents were more than happy to oblige, seeking out useless faith-based treatments instead.

Makayla was allowed to quit the chemo, but we learned in October that her condition had worsened.

And to make the issue even more on the forefront of people’s minds, it turned out another First Nations girl was in the same position — she would benefit from chemo, but she didn’t want to go through with it for cultural reasons.

Now, the CBC has discovered that the Florida doctor treating Makayla (and many others) may not even be qualified to provide care:

A Florida health resort licensed as a “massage establishment” is treating a young Ontario First Nations girl with leukemia using cold laser therapy, Vitamin C injections and a strict raw food diet, among other therapies.

The mother of the 11-year-old girl, who cannot be identified because of a publication ban, says the resort’s director, Brian Clement, who goes by the title “Dr.,” told her leukemia is “not difficult to treat.”

Another First Nations girl, Makayla Sault, was also treated at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach and is now critically ill after a relapse of her leukemia.

According to the Florida State Health Authority, Hippocrates Health Institute is a licensed massage establishment. It says Brian Clement is not a licensed doctor or naturopath.

Hippocrates Health Institute did not respond to questions from CBC News seeking clarification about where and when Clement attended university.

Brian Clement

So we have sick children already not receiving proper care… whose lives are in the hands of a guy who pulled his credentials out of a cereal box.

Remember: Last month, a judge said (real) doctors couldn’t just override Makayla’s parents’ wishes because it would be “impos[ing] our world view on First Nation culture.”

These children need real help. Unfortunately, it looks like all of the people surrounding them have selfish motives for not giving it to them.

(Thanks to everyone for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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