Christian Right Group Reminds You Which Stores Make Baby Jesus Cry November 12, 2014

Christian Right Group Reminds You Which Stores Make Baby Jesus Cry

The American Family Association, which only seems to care about your family if you’re Christian, has released its annual “Naughty or Nice” list of places that don’t deserve your business because they RUIN EVERYTHING by not acknowledging the birth of Jesus. And sometimes, they say awful things like “Happy Holidays.”

I love the reason Family Dollar in on the “Naughty” list:

Family Dollar shamelessly opens their stores on Christmas morning, showing they think more of the dollar than the family.

I guess movie theaters and Chinese restaurants make the shit list, too…?

Really, the stores on the “Naughty” side are pretty much all places you don’t want to be doing your holiday shopping, anyway. Paper clips? Dollar store? No thank you. And Victoria’s Secret never struck me as an overtly Christian store to begin with — I’m sure business will be just fine…

It would be great to see a national chain of adult book stores advertise a “Christmas sale”… where would they end up on the list?

Maybe we should all thank the AFA for letting us know where to shop because it truly represents what the season is all about for them: materialism.

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