New Zealand Church Has a “Bleach-Based” Cure for Ebola; Experts Say It’s Potentially Fatal November 5, 2014

New Zealand Church Has a “Bleach-Based” Cure for Ebola; Experts Say It’s Potentially Fatal

What is up with New Zealand? Despite more than 39% of its population professing no religion, the promotion of bullshit seems like it’s at an all-time high.

Earlier this year, we learned of a church selling olive oil as a cure for everything, from mental illness to marital woes.

Now, a different church is promising to cure everything, including Ebola, with a “bleach-based solution that medical experts have slammed as being potentially fatal.”

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing leader James Humble is heading a three-day, US$500-a-head ($646) seminar in Ngatea on the Hauraki Plains.

Concocted of chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment, it is claimed to be an effective treatment against cancer, HIV, malaria and even Ebola.

It is sold in New Zealand through as a “simple, scientifically proven pathogen killer”.

More than 40 people have confirmed attendance for the seminar, which begins on Friday morning. It will feature talks by “Archbishop” Humble and other church members. Attendees will get lunch, booklets, a “Reverend ID card” and “Health minister ID card”, and afterwards be authorised to “open a Church chapter”.

The website alone should be a red flag not to trust anything these people say.

The non-theistic church’s first major belief is to do good deeds… a “commandment” they’re already violating by putting believers’ health in jeopardy. Come to think of it, they also don’t care much for their next two beliefs — “good health for all mankind” and “doing what is right.”

Let’s hope the warning gets out before more gullible people fall for their ruse. Which is depressing since you’d think “Don’t drink bleach-based products from a shameless huckster” was common sense.

(Thanks to Dave and Aer for the link)

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