Kentucky High School’s Football Road Trip Included Watching an Assistant Coach Get Baptized November 5, 2014

Kentucky High School’s Football Road Trip Included Watching an Assistant Coach Get Baptized

Last month, Kentucky’s Frankfort High School football team took a weeklong trip to Florida for a “Fall Break Football Tour.” That’s all well and good, I guess, but something weird happening on October 2.

According to their itinerary, the students had a workout on the beach at 7:00a. But the team’s Facebook page had something very different posted on it later that day:

That would be Assistant Coach Paul Thompson (getting baptized), Fellowship of Christian Athletes mentor Ben Jeffries, and apparently several students surrounding them. Why was a coach getting baptized during a school trip? I have no clue, but there’s every reason to believe the school was promoting Christianity through that action.

The ACLU of Kentucky sent a letter to the district attorney this week urging him to put a stop to the practice:

we think it evident that the “degree of school involvement” makes clear that the baptism services “bear the imprint” of Frankfort High School and thus violated state and federal constitutional provisions regarding students’ (and parents’) religious freedoms. We therefore respectfully request that FHS confirm, in writing, that it will take appropriate remedial measures to educate its employees regarding this issue and to prevent the recurrence of future incidents.

The district has yet to issue a response.

On a side note, who the hell is posting a picture of a baptism on the Facebook page of a public high school’s football team? How ignorant of the law do you have to be to think that’s a good idea?

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