Law Society of British Columbia Votes to Reverse Accreditation of Anti-Gay Christian School, This Time For Good November 2, 2014

Law Society of British Columbia Votes to Reverse Accreditation of Anti-Gay Christian School, This Time For Good

Trinity Western University’s proposed law school in British Columbia has been under fire because the school requires all students to agree that only married men and women are allowed to have sex.

And now, they’ve hit their biggest obstacle yet: The Law Society of British Columbia won’t be granting the school accreditation:

The president of Trinity Western University says he is uncertain if the new law school will open as scheduled in 2016 following the recent vote by the B.C. Law Society members to reject the faith-based institution.

British Columbia is now the third province, after Ontario and Nova Scotia, to officially reject the university’s law school.

[TWU president Bob] Kuhn says it’s not clear whether the Christian university will move ahead with its 2016 opening date, and the school will decide in the coming weeks whether to file a judicial review.

Unlike a similar vote taken in June, this one’s binding.

The legal market already being oversaturated, putting even more of a damper on job prospects won’t help the school any. There’s just no reason to apply to a law school like this when it has a reputation for bigotry and a degree that’s worth only as much as the paper on which its printed.

I don’t see how the law school moves forward after this. That’s probably for the best. Even though I don’t believe students should be punished for the crime of going there as long as they pledge to uphold the nation’s laws, the school is putting admitted students in an awful position. It’d be irresponsible and unethical to charge tuition when these future lawyers won’t even be able to find careers in the field because the school isn’t accredited.

(Thanks to Janice for the link)

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