New “Research” by UFO Cult Shows Consecrated Communion Wafers Contain No Amounts of Jesus October 30, 2014

New “Research” by UFO Cult Shows Consecrated Communion Wafers Contain No Amounts of Jesus

In a study that could’ve been done by fifth graders with a science kit, or all of us with our eyes, the Raelian cult performed DNA analysis on consecrated Communion wafers to show that the body of Christ is nowhere to be found:

Results showed unequivocally that the rituals performed by the priests during the Eucharist sacrament have no detectable effect on the substance of altar bread at the DNA level. We wish to encourage others to engage in similar studies and help religious organizations rid themselves of superstition and irrational beliefs, thus contributing to elevate fellow human beings.

I don’t know whether to say “Thank you” or “No shit; you wasted our time on this?!”

It’s also strange that the Raelians intend to free religious groups of irrational beliefs when they themselves are known as a “UFO religion” that believes extraterrestrials (Elohim) created life on Earth.

Here’s another interesting aspect of their “research”:

Consecrated hosts were collected during communion in 5 different Catholic churches in the United States and Canada and immediately placed into clean plastic bags to avoid contamination.

In other words, they obtained consecrated wafers from various churches… the last time that happened in a public way, before a Satanist group’s Black Mass in Oklahoma, a Catholic Archbishop filed a lawsuit. They even acknowledge the ethical concerns in their “paper”:

This study could be criticized on ethical grounds for using deception to collect samples. Indeed, the individuals who provided us with the consecrated hosts obtained them during communion, pretending to be believers, and transferred them discretely into plastic bags instead of ingesting them. However, these individuals were all former Catholics who had felt victimized by the Church’s dogmatic teachings and saw this action as contributing to their recovery. The moral dilemma of obtaining samples through deception is to be contrasted with the ethics of enrolling non-consenting newborns into a religious organization, endoctrinating children with unquestionable dogmas and instilling fear, guilt and shame in them with long-lasting consequences for their psychological well-being. Anyway, in agreement with our results, we are confident that no sentient being was physically harmed in the course of this study.

No word yet as to how Catholic groups will respond.

For what it’s worth, the “research” completely ignores Catholic teaching on transubstantiation, which is that, while the wafers supposedly turn into the body of Christ, the substance itself doesn’t change. Or, to put it another way, Catholics believe the wafer comes across unchanged to muggles, but there’s magic going on.

I suppose it’s a good thing anytime someone points out how ridiculous Catholic beliefs are… too bad that criticism is coming from people who also believe in complete rubbish.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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