If You Want Your Kids to Become Atheists… October 30, 2014

If You Want Your Kids to Become Atheists…

Dale McGowan explains how he came to his non-religious beliefs and how he gave his kids, including his youngest daughter, the ability to figure it out for themselves:

I had the lucky circumstance of parents who encouraged me to think for myself and to find the world wonderful enough to know on its own terms. So I dug into the big questions, including God and religion. No one handled me settled answers either way, so I had to dig in and find out for myself. Lo and behold, I found out it’s all nonsense, because that’s what you find out when you actually try.

My kids took this freedom and ran with it — especially Delaney, who was constantly trying on the glasses of various worldviews as she grew up. She was a fairly conventional New Testament Christian for a while, then became something of a Manichaean dualist, believing the world was divided into good and evil, darkness and light. She eventually went through a sort of Einsteinian-pantheist phase before adopting a benevolent, utilitarian humanism.

And then she turned six.

Like he says in his piece, telling your kids that God doesn’t exist because you want them to become atheists may be the worst thing you could do. They have to figure it out for themselves, even if that means risking that they go the way of faith.

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