She Should’ve Said She Was a Methodist October 27, 2014

She Should’ve Said She Was a Methodist

Lori Potarf (below) and Richard Lee Henderson were pulled over earlier this month because of a defective tail light on their car… but cops noticed there were other reasons to have them arrested.

And Potarf was ready with a defense:

A woman arrested for possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia told a Duncan police officer it wasn’t against the law because of her religion.

Lori Potarf identified herself as a “Wiccan”…

Both suspects had separate Crown Royal bags that contained drug paraphernalia on which there was methamphetamine residue, police said.

The cops seemed to be aware that being a Wiccan wasn’t an excuse for possessing those drugs.

Thankfully, Henderson didn’t offer the same excuse:

Henderson didn’t claim a religious right to his belongings, which included a metal spoon with white residue and two syringes containing a small amount of clear liquid, reports said.

It’s nice to see religion not used as a Get Out of Jail Free card. And I’m glad that a couple of people who had no business driving were taken off the road.

(Image via Facebook)

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