Editor at Charisma News Thinks “Atheists” Are Trying to “Stir Up Witches” Against Her October 26, 2014

Editor at Charisma News Thinks “Atheists” Are Trying to “Stir Up Witches” Against Her

Over at Charisma News, editor Jennifer LeClaire (whom we met previously here and here) outdoes herself with a piece entitled “When Atheists Try to Stir Up Witches Against You.”

Some unbeliever — or perhaps someone who has been hurt deeply by the church — launched a miniature Twitter campaign trying to stir up witches against me.

Oh. So it’s just one person, despite what her headline says. And it may not be an atheist, she acknowledges: it could just be someone who was hurt by the church. Huh.

I’d add that the fact that someone believes in the efficacy of witchcraft puts him or her at a rather significant distance from the skeptical mindset that defines most atheists.

Fibbing about all that stuff with a spooky headline draws extra eye-balls, I guess.

Anyway, LeClaire, who is the author of Satan’s Deadly Trio: Defeating the Deceptions of Jezebel, Religion and Witchcraft, wrote recently that October is the season in which spirits come out to wage spiritual warfare on believers. That earned her the enmity of a fellow Twitterer who, LeCaire says (oblivious to the likelihood that she was the deserving target of a wind-up)

accused me of accusing witches of cursing me. I never suggested witches were cursing me. The point of the article is that the spiritual climate in a region is affected by the spiritual activity in a region.

But LeClaire isn’t afraid! She has the Lawd!

I have been freed to worship God without fear of curses or atheists who try to stir up witches against me (see John 8:36).

Even after twenty-plus years in these pious United States, I’m incredulous that a person who is, I assume, an otherwise functioning adult, can go through life — and achieve a measure of success — pushing these larger-than-usual delusions.

Yes, Jennifer, it’s true: (Some) people would like to halt your special brand of derangement. The thing is, we don’t need curses for that any more than we need magic unicorn powder. All we need to defeat hobgoblins and flimflam is science, observable facts, and logic. If those tools are not too scary for you, we invite you to give them a try.

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