Alabama School District: We Totally Want to Keep Christian Prayers Before Football Games, but the Law Says We Can’t October 26, 2014

Alabama School District: We Totally Want to Keep Christian Prayers Before Football Games, but the Law Says We Can’t

It’s hard to believe that some public high schools still have explicitly Christian prayers before football games… and even harder to believe that no one has the knowledge or courage to report it.

But that’s what was happening in Alabama’s Piedmont City School District until the Freedom From Religion Foundation stepped in this past March:

Piedmont’s schools have put a stop to the practice of public prayers at the games, after receiving letters from a group that advocates strict separation of church and state. Now the school holds a moment of silence in place of the student-led prayer that had become customary to the crowd that fills the stadium on Thomas Bible Highway.

The new, no-prayer policy has been in force for the entire school year, but Piedmont High’s principal this week, after receiving a number of questions about the lack of prayer before football games, posted about the policy on the school’s Facebook page.

That Facebook post is hardly apologetic, though. It boils down to: We really wish we didn’t have to do this, but the law says we have to and our attorney is making us… so blame them:

While the personal opinions of the administration and employees of the system may differ with the opinions of the Court and the author of the letter sent to the system, the school system’s attorneys advised that we consent since there is established case law regarding this issue.

Residents are complaining (surprise) because how dare the majority not get its way?! To hell with the Establishment Clause! Prayers don’t count unless everyone can see us doing it!

The team won its game pretty handily Friday night, so I’d say Jesus doesn’t mind the silence.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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