Congratulations, Atheists! America is Growing Increasingly Churchless October 25, 2014

Congratulations, Atheists! America is Growing Increasingly Churchless

A new study released by the Barna Group, in conjunction with David Kinnaman‘s book Churchless, shows that more people than ever before have no need for a church, even if they’re religious.

That’s one of several factors Kinnaman uses to describe those he calls “post-Christian” (which is quite the euphemism):

Nearly two-fifths of the nation’s adult population (38%) now qualifies as post-Christian… That includes 10% of Americans who qualify as highly post-Christian. Another one-quarter is moderately post-Christian (28%). Examined over time, our research shows that the proportion of highly secularized individuals is growing slowly but steadily.

I’m thrilled — because even if a lot of the churchless are Christians, they’ve already taken the first step in loosening religion’s grip on their lives. Not going to church means they’re not subject to pastors who constantly rail against LGBT issues, women’s rights, and solid science. They’re not immune from that, of course, but it’s much harder to organize an army of voters when everyone is scattered all over the place.

And I suspect these numbers will move even more in our direction as we see more secular alternatives for everything churches offer: close-knit communities, a way to pass on moral values, a way to get inspired, a way to volunteer, etc. It turns out church isn’t the only game in town anymore, and we’re so much better off because of that.

(via Religion News Service)

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