Would Any Augusta (GA) Readers Like to Go to a Faith-Healing Show… and Tell Us What It Was Like? October 24, 2014

Would Any Augusta (GA) Readers Like to Go to a Faith-Healing Show… and Tell Us What It Was Like?

It’s free, and it’s a spectacle you won’t soon forget.

Many have testified and been healed from incurable diseases Cancer, HIV, and many have walked out of wheelchairs and crutches, canes after Apostle Ssali has prayed for them.

October 24th & 25th 2014 7pm nightly.

That’s tonight and tomorrow night. I’m dying to be there, but Hemant and I, being dwellers of the North, will have to let an Augusta-area reader do the honors.

How could you not want to be a witness to this?

The flyer reads, in part:

“Apostle Ssali prayed for people who had flat feet to receive an arch. A few seconds later, God supernaturally formed an arch in my feet!”

God canceled 208,000.00 of debt on my mortgage after foreclosure on my home.”

God healed me from stage four brain cancer. After the doctor gave me 6 months to live.

“After prayer, God changed my old gray hairs into a beautiful golden brown color. Moreover, I lost 42 pounds supernaturally.”

My favorite:

God restored my uterus to its original place.”

The announcement at EventBrite is less grammatically sound but just as fascinating.

A City on the move and loves to have a good time and see new things, then what better place to come to experience the Power of God and see firsthand, healings taking place. If you are sick or know anyone sick in their body and needs a Miracle or you want to come and be in a heavenly atmosphere then this is the place for you … , don’t miss your Miracle! Power Evangelism Ministries and its Founder Apostle Ronald Ssali have been to the Augusta area each of the last 12 years coming each year to demonstrate the Power of God and set the captives free. Many have been healed, delivered and set free from incurable diseases, drugs, depression, and much more in Jesus name. This is a life changing event that will set your heart of fire for God!

Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center Address: 2 Tenth Street Augusta Georgia 30901 USA Date: October 24th & 25th 2014 Friday & Saturday Time: 7:00PM Admission: Free Speaker: Apostle Ronald Ssali

The power of Apostle Ssali is not to be underestimated; he can even raise the dead.

If you’d like to be Friendly Atheist’s eyes and ears tonight and/or tomorrow night, we’d be honored. Indicate in the comments if you intend to go. Then, while in the presence of the Mighty Ssali, take copious notes, keep your camera rolling, and let us know what you experienced.

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