Now That’s a Letter to the Editor! October 24, 2014

Now That’s a Letter to the Editor!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a letter-to-the-editor that I had to read multiple times just to take it all in… but this one in the Idaho Press-Tribune is just a classic in the making:

My opinion is on everything in general these days. This has promoted me to say how I think things will be in the long run.

An old man who has an opinion on everything?! I like where this is going…

My first opinion is, until we get together and vote all of our congressmen who have been in office more than two terms, be limited to only two terms, like our president is.

A little weirdly-worded… but okay. That’s fine. Moving on.

My next opinion is about this same-sex marriage thing. To me there is nothing to really worry about, because years ago there was a book called the Bible that takes care of their problem once and for all. It tells me how great it will be in heaven, where we won’t have these blank people to be bothered with.

That’s some good old-fashioned Christian bigotry right there… How does the Bible take care of “their problem”? And did he really write “blank people”? And are celibate gay people prohibited from going to Heaven, too?

Help me understand!

My last comment is those who claim to be atheist. Those people don’t even know which side of bread to put butter on.

Umm… the bottom side. (Do I win?)

I’ve been around over 90-plus years and have never seen an atheist in a foxhole.

That’s probably the glaucoma talking.

Gene Rutan, Nampa

Keep writing those letters, Gene.

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