Where Does One Even Begin Countering This Insane View of “Evil” Atheists? October 21, 2014

Where Does One Even Begin Countering This Insane View of “Evil” Atheists?

Jeff Porter, who writes under the pen name UGAFender, is

A Georgia boy, born a raised. I’ve traveled to 3 of the 4 corners of our country and to several spots off the reservation… I have interests that range the gamut, so there’s no telling what category I will cover.

Feel free to insert sics where you feel they belong.

With his intellectual pursuits “ranging the gamut,” Porter focused his powers of observation and logic on atheism the other day.

Atheism is such an empty vessel; a bleak and vacant belief in a brief and futile and purposeless existence.

A belief that we came from nowhere and we are headed for nothing must sustain a vacuum where one’s soul should otherwise be abounding with hope and joy and comfort in the knowledge of the truth that we are eternal and ever lasting beings, created for a purpose and with a destiny.

Honestly, how cold and desolate is a belief that there’s no purpose to all this; that this is all nothing more than a cosomologic accident?

If that were truly the case, then on what grounds do morals exist? If we are all merely random accidents, then why would anything we do really matter?

In truth, we are not mere accidental and random chance. We were planned and created; and loved by that Creator.

The opposing view of that is evil.

On what grounds do morals exist? It’s 2014 and we still have to go over that? Again and again?

At what point do we just give up and let people like Porter stew in their swamp of ill-considered, narrow-minded guff?

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