Guess What You Find When You Search For “Youth Pastor” in Google Images? October 21, 2014

Guess What You Find When You Search For “Youth Pastor” in Google Images?

A sea of sexual-offender mug shots, is what.


Youth pastors diddling their young charges represent

… a time-honored evangelical tradition which Christian culture is loath to speak of, yet everyone who grew up in Christian culture knows youth pastors (plural) who were deposed due to the dubiously defined Moral Failure. And those are just the ones who were caught.

Here’s the latest creep who got caught.

The youth pastor’s fall from grace is never less than gory. Once found out he will either make a tearful public confession, feebly defend his shredded reputation, or both. He is then ceremoniously fired and flees town under a spectacular shower of emotional fallout while the abandoned youth group reels from this strange new trauma which Christian culture has no idea how to handle. In their heads they replay the years of Purity Talks he gave whilst conducting clandestine activities on the side.

Sounds about right. Be sure to read the comments on that article.

Of course, there are cool youth pastors too. Like Ignatius, who has an expensive haircut, a hot wife, and who wants everyone in his young audience to “bow their eyes and close their heads.” Ignatius rawks, and he knows it.

(Thanks to Dan Mentos for the tip)

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