New Zealand “Charity” Church Buys Its Leaders a Six-Figure Luxury Car October 15, 2014

New Zealand “Charity” Church Buys Its Leaders a Six-Figure Luxury Car

A New Zealand church that critics have called a cash cult is shelling out big money to transport its leaders, Brian and Hannah Tamaki, in the style they believe they deserve. The Tamakis, who run Destiny Church, dipped into church funds to finance the ride and will henceforth be zipping around town in an Audi Q7, valued at NZ$100,000 (about 78,000 U.S. dollars).

Meanwhile, the charity — we’ll have to agree to use the word loosely — is a year behind on filing its latest tax return.

The Tamakis posed for pictures in front of the Audi, which has a personalised number plate PROT0N, and posted them to social media.

Just like Jesus would do.

Independent charity researcher Michael Gousmett was gobsmacked a charity had bought a six-figure vehicle.

“That’s not what charity is about. These organisations are here to provide public benefit, and if you’ve got members of this organisation running around in super-expensive vehicles, you’ve got to ask the question to what extent are they providing public benefit rather than looking after their own self interests.”

(Thanks to Dave for the link)

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