Absurd Anti-Gay Group’s Tweet Sparks #WhenIMarryMyself Twitterstorm October 13, 2014

Absurd Anti-Gay Group’s Tweet Sparks #WhenIMarryMyself Twitterstorm

On Monday afternoon, the National Organization for Marriage, one of the biggest anti-LGBT groups on record, basically broke the Internet with this tweet:

That tweet — When #marriage is redefined, what prevents a person from “marrying” his/herself? — was accompanied by a link to a story about a woman named Grace Gelder who held a “self-marriage ceremony” as a symbolic gesture of self-acceptance and self-love:

 I’d been essentially single for almost six years and built up this brilliant relationship with myself. Nevertheless, I was aware of getting into a rut, where a relationship with someone else seemed like too much hard work. So I really wanted to pay tribute to this adventurous period of self-discovery but, at the same time, look forward to a new phase. …

I really don’t see it as any kind of feminist statement, but creating a wedding of this kind on my own terms felt incredibly empowering.

Of course, NOM made it into a gay thing. And in response, the hashtag #WhenIMarryMyself trended nationwide, forcing us to reflect on how different our lives would be if we all put a ring on… ourselves.

I don’t have to explain why this is maybe the most hilarious, desperate argument any conservative group has ever made against marriage equality. Instead, here’s a roundup of the Internet’s most glorious reactions to NOM’s utter confusion.

Makes Thanksgiving easier.

Not gonna lie, this is my dream proposal. What a way to make sure I get what I’ve always wanted!

Can I get some of those without applying for a marriage license?

Important question.

Okay, I laughed out loud.

Finally, a loophole that works!

One mind is better than two.

Claim what is rightfully yours!

The scary part is that this will be their next argument.

Wishing you all a joyous self-wedding!

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