Student-Led Prayers Are Okay… but What’s This? October 8, 2014

Student-Led Prayers Are Okay… but What’s This?

***Update***: FFRF has sent a letter to Cape Henlopen High School regarding Coach Bill Collick‘s prayers with the football team.

In an article for the Cape Gazette in Delaware, editor Dave Frederick wrote about how two local football teams met at midfield after the game

… to give thanks and put the football game into perspective, yielding to a higher power. Jevon Currie of Cape followed by Tyuane Johnson of Cambridge led services. Anyone who has first amendment issues with prayer by public school players, remember that the spontaneous display led by players is perfectly permissible.

Well, he’s right about that.

But if you scroll down the page, Frederick includes this interesting picture:

That would be Cape Henlopen High School Coach Bill Collick either leading or joining his team in prayer, both of which are absolutely unconstitutional.

So, um, thanks for the heads up, Frederick!

FFRF has been notified.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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