Jehovah’s Witnesses Just Launched Their Own Online TV Station and It’s Creepy as Hell October 7, 2014

Jehovah’s Witnesses Just Launched Their Own Online TV Station and It’s Creepy as Hell

Over the weekend, the Jehovah’s Witnesses held the Watch Tower Society Annual General Meeting during which they announced the launch of their own online television network. I’ll admit it looks a lot more professional than, say, American Atheists’ Roku channel, but it’s a hell of a lot creepier.

Just check out this (unembeddable) monthly news show featuring Governing Body member Stephen Lett (whose voice is just ripe for parody):

If you watch a few minutes of it, it’s clear he’s just trying to recruit (or maintain) young people. He speaks of the “Governing Body’s love for little children,” which I hope doesn’t become as perfect a sound bite as I worry it will.

John Cedars, a former JW and current church watchdog, is thrilled with the development:

I for one welcome the change, because if there is one thing I can be certain of, it is that the more Witnesses hear these men speak for themselves, the more obvious it will become that they are nothing more than proud, deluded men — far from worthy of the adoration they receive.

Right on. The more exposure people have to JW beliefs and the governing structure, the less seriously they’ll take it all. By putting themselves on camera, the Governing Body is essentially giving us the opportunity to pay attention to the men behind the curtain. They have far more power and mystique when no one knows who the hell they are.

So keep the shows coming. May I suggest the next episode go into full detail about their religious beliefs? Let’s talk about disfellowshipping and blood transfusions.

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