This Saturday, Atheists Will Participate in the AIDS Walk Los Angeles and You Can Help October 6, 2014

This Saturday, Atheists Will Participate in the AIDS Walk Los Angeles and You Can Help

The AIDS Walk Los Angeles is a phenomenal event that has happened every year since 1985. About 30,000 people, all walking together in a powerful symbol of unity and determination, have raised more than $77 million over the years for the AIDS Project Los Angeles and more than two dozen other organizations giving vital services to people living with AIDS.

Last October, I participated for the first time, walking with the Atheists United team. With the help of several readers (thank you!), fourteen members of our team raised $1,320, giving us a ranking of 185 out of more than 1,500 teams, and fifth among the 39 non-profit organization teams.

Not bad for a bunch of selfish, hedonistic nihilists with no morals, eh?

Resplendent in our bright red Atheists United t-shirts, we made an impressive phalanx as we walked the 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) route through West Hollywood. Thousands of walkers and many more thousands of spectators saw us.

We got great public call-outs and acknowledgement from the announcers along the route, and we were able to chat with people who were curious about us and about atheism in general. It was great to help a good cause and also destroy negative stereotypes in the process.

It was so much fun that, all year, I’ve been looking forward to doing this again, and I need your help to make it materially successful for helping people with AIDS. Please visit my donation page here, and donate what you can. Because of credit card processing fees, the minimum donation the site can accept online is $25. If you would rather donate less (Thank you very much, sincerely!) you can either combine your donation with someone else who uses their credit card or mail a good old-fashioned check to:

AIDS Walk Los Angeles
PO Box 933005,
Los Angeles, CA 90093-3005

Be sure to write “Sponsoring Richard Wade / Atheists United” in the memo portion. Make the atheists rock stars this year!

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