Catholic Archbishop Performed an “Exorcism” in Oklahoma City Civic Center Following Recent Black Mass October 3, 2014

Catholic Archbishop Performed an “Exorcism” in Oklahoma City Civic Center Following Recent Black Mass

Recently, there was a controversial Black Mass ceremony held in the Oklahoma City Civic Center. Part of the controversy involved Archbishop Paul S. Coakley suing Adam Daniels and his Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Satanic church because they supposedly stole consecrated communion wafers from the Church for their event, though Daniels returned the wafers to Coakley while saying they were sent to him legally by a priest in Turkey.

What I didn’t know until yesterday was what happened after the event. According to Carla Hinton of The Oklahoman, Coakley went back into the venue the morning after the Black Mass in order to cleanse the spirits with an exorcism:

Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock, spokes woman for the Civic Center, said Coakley inquired about visiting the venue and arrived there before business hours, about 7:30 a.m., on Sept. 22, the day after the black mass. She said Jim Brown, the Civic Center’s general manager, let Coakley into the venue and the religious leader’s visit was short.

“It came about very quietly and was private,” Lindsey-McClintock said.

“He (Coakley) felt very strongly about wanting to come in and perform a cleansing of that space of whatever entities he felt might remain.”

What bothers me isn’t how Civic Center officials let a Catholic leader inside beyond business hours (though that is worth questioning), but that an article about what he did never even questions the efficacy of his actions. Nowhere in the piece do you see the phrase, “You’ve got to be shitting me.”

Coakley seriously believes his prayers to an invisible being will get rid of invisible evil “residue” that he believes is still lingering in the air following another silly ritual. It’s all bullshit.

But reporters can’t point out the absurdity of it all because what someone believes is true is more important than what actually is true. To even suggest that his exorcism didn’t accomplish anything would be considered both disrespectful and subjective. That’s the country we live in, where people like Coakley are taken seriously when they pull stunts like this.

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