A Christian Minister Explains Why Church and State Should Remain Separate October 1, 2014

A Christian Minister Explains Why Church and State Should Remain Separate

Christian minister Dr. Robert Wilkerson, who runs an organization called People for the Christian Way (which, as far as I can tell, doesn’t actually exist), published a short but terrific piece at Al.com about why prayer doesn’t belong in public school.

Here are just a couple of his reasons:

It would violate the Constitution. That document clearly calls for the separation of church and state. Those who wrote it knew history. They knew how horrible and oppressive life could be when the two were not separated. All attempts to circumvent this provision have been struck down by the courts and will continue to be.

It would be a terrible burden on the schools. Teaching and monitoring religion is not the purpose of public schools, and they are not trained or equipped to do it.

Well said. It’s not often we see these sorts of pieces, and that’s very puzzling. Separation of church and state is essentially what allows Christianity to thrive in our country. Imposing religion through the government would probably do more harm than good to the faith, cheapening it for believers in a lot of ways, so you’d think more pastors would appreciate the independence they currently have. At least Wilkerson gets that. If only other pastors would follow his lead and make similar pronouncements.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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