Church/State Separation Advocate Mikey Weinstein Speaks at Fundamentalist Christian College September 28, 2014

Church/State Separation Advocate Mikey Weinstein Speaks at Fundamentalist Christian College

***Update***: You can see the (fixed) video here.

On Friday, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘s Mikey Weinstein (below, right) sat down for an interview with WORLD Magazine editor-in-chief Dr. Marvin Olasky at Patrick Henry College. That’s one of the most vocal fighters for separation of church and state speaking at one of the most fundamentalist Christian schools in the nation.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

(You know, they could have at least spelled his name correctly…)

According to a couple of the emails I’ve seen from current and former PHC students to Weinstein, they were disturbed by the nature and tone of the questions posed to him:

Speaking on behalf of many of us who attended, I wanted to thank you for the personal courage it must have taken for you to come here. We all saw your security guards and after going to your website at the MRFF we now know why you need them. While a lot of us can’t say much for Mr. Olasky’s offensive, sketchy interview “techniques”, we really can praise your excellent answers and instructive and even humorous commentary. You kept your cool and we learned so much. [Current student]

A few hours before his interview began, the administration sent out a campus-wide email calling Mr. Weinstein a “rather non-traditional guest” who would “bring an alternate and, by some standards, anti-Christian viewpoint.” To their credit, the email asked the students to be hospitable. It’s unfortunate, however, that separation of church and state in the military would be a topic that requires such an introduction…

Marvin Olasky, of World Magazine fame, conducted the interview. From the beginning, his questioning was unnecessarily belligerent. He presumed that Mr. Weinstein’s answers could be a simple yes or no (as if the law is that simple) and gave Mr. Weinstein little time to provide a detailed explanation about the various factors that would go into the legal analysis of a case. Despite Olasky’s shortcomings, it was a great interview. Mr. Weinstein gave as good (probably better) than he got, and the students heard a great explanation about the importance of the Establishment Clause in the military. [Former student]

I haven’t had a chance to see the complete interview, but if any moments stand out to you, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments.

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