Generous Atheists Are About to Make a Major Donation to a Single Incredible Charity September 27, 2014

Generous Atheists Are About to Make a Major Donation to a Single Incredible Charity

When we launched Foundation Beyond Belief in 2010, the plan was to encourage atheists to give to a bunch of amazing charities — 10 of them each quarter, to be precise — and help make giving to others a habit for secular people (who usually have no formal way to do that).

In 2012, we decided to cut the number of beneficiaries from 10 to 5 in order to give larger donations to each organization. That, coupled with a rising donor base, took us from giving about $1,200 to each group at our launch… to about $12,000 per group today.

It’s just incredible what FBB’s members have accomplished.

Now, we want to take it to the next level. (I’m so freakin’ excited about this.)

Next quarter, we’re going to try something we’ve never done before.

Instead of choosing five great charities, we’re choosing just one.

We’re calling it the FBB Compassionate Impact Grant and the goal is to give a single charity a major grant:

Approximately $60,000 will go to a single carefully chosen organization with a proven track record of effectiveness, an evidence-based model, and a system of assessment that uses tangible metrics to continually improve their work.

FBB created a rigorous application process that allowed applicants to demonstrate these essential elements. We accepted and evaluated proposals through the late summer. In the end, we selected an extraordinary organization, one that we are confident our members will also find inspiring and exciting.

We’ll announce that organization on October 1. Hopefully, the impact from the generosity of atheists will transform that charity in a way a smaller donation cannot. (Depending on how this goes, we may try doing it again for other groups during alternating quarters next year.)

If you’d like to be a part of this, please consider becoming an FBB member!

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