Search For “Holy Water” Leads to Amputation For South African Man September 25, 2014

Search For “Holy Water” Leads to Amputation For South African Man

A South African climber, Tsenolo Shadrack Rasello, whose foot got stuck on an unforgiving cliff, managed to summon a rescue crew via his cell phone, but to limited avail. Medical personnel were eventually called in to amputate the limb.

[W]orkers failed to free him by pulling on the leg, hacking at rock and pouring lubricant to try to get the limb to slip out. “‘Listen, if you have to take the leg off, take the leg off. But get me out of here,’” … the trapped man [said] on Saturday, midway through the three-day drama.

Rasello had been on a sacred mission:

[He] became trapped on Friday, when he was searching alone for “holy water” in the streams of the mountain range, deemed by some South Africans to have spiritual import, according to an account he gave to a rescue worker. He slid down the cliff after a talking snake startled him, he said.

I’m just kidding. It was a regular snake, not a talking one. ‘Cause a talking snake would be ridiculous.

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